PDUs and the PMP

There will not be any PDU codes online for events that award fewer than 2 PDUs. Procedure for getting credit for 1 or 2 PDU events:

In order to maintain your PMP certification, it is necessary to accumulate 60 Professional Development Units (PDU) per 3-year cycle. If you have a question, please contact the VP of Professional Development.

Tips to Help Credential Holders Claim 1-2 PDU Activities in the Continuing Credential Requirements System (CCRS).

Attending PMI local community events is an excellent way for credential holders to maintain their PMI certifications. We are providing these tips so you can make it easier for attendees at your events to claim 1-2 PDUs in the CCR System.

  • For 1-2 PDU activities, PMI communities are not required to register the activities in the CCR System.

  • Because credential holders may not find these activities in the CCR System when claiming PDUs for these events, it is important that the communities hosting the events provide attendees with the Component ID Number and Event Title during the event.

With this information in hand, the process to claim PDUs for activities that offer 1-2 PDUs is quick and easy. Please share the process below with attendees at your events.

Here’s how to claim 1-2 PDUs:

  • Log in to the CCR System. A detailed “CCRS User Guide” is available at the top of the right navigation bar under the “Additional Resources” heading.

  • Use your registered PMI.org username and password. If you are not registered on PMI.org, you will need to create a registered user account.

  • Select “Report Professional Development Units (PDUs)”.

  • Select PDU Category  Step 1
    1. From the “PDU category” drop-down menu, select “Cat A: Registered Education Provider/PMI Component Event.”
    2. From the “Activity Type” drop-down menu, select “Report A Component 1-2 PDU Event”

  • Component Search Criteria  Step 2
    1. Enter “component ID” C349 and select ”Search” in button the bottom of the window.
    2. The system will find “PMI Southwest Missouri Chapter“.

  • Claim Information  Step 3
    1. Enter “Activity Date“, “Activity Title” (e.g., “July Chapter Meeting”), and number of PDU’s claimed.
    2. PDUs claimed must be the SAME as advertised by the chapter (e.g., “1.5″ for personally attending, ”1″ for WebEx).
    3. Check the box to the left of “I agree this claim is accurate” statement at the bottom of the window.

  • SUBMIT your claim or click “Previous” to review your entries.

NOTE: To claim PDUs for activities (courses and events) offering three or more PDUs, review the “CCRS User Guide” at the top of the right navigation bar under the “Additional Resources” heading when you log-in to the CCR System.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact PMI Customer Care at [email protected].