Meeting Archives

Welcome to the Meeting Archives section of the PMI Southwest Missouri website. Here, you can find information about our previous meetings, including content that presenters have agreed to make available to be used by the members of PMI for personal and/or professional growth and development.  When sharing or printing this information, you must give credit to the presenter owning the presentation.  Selling, using the material for profit or publishing it in printed fashion is not authorized.


♦ May 2019 How finance plays a key role in project management - led by Brad Bledsoe

May 2019 Presentation

♦ April 2019 Implementing Social Project Management - led by  Amy Blansit


♦ March 2019 Consumer Privacy Changes and the Impacts for Business - led by Tony Cooley

March 2019 Presentation

♦ February 2019 Nonviolent Communication in Project Management - led by Phillip George



♦ January 2019 Surveys with Style: Discovering KPIs - led by John Waldo



♦ February 2018: Quantitative decision making and presenting - led by tim smith



♦ January 2018: Managing Virtual Teams - led by michael winterthieme

January 2018 Presentation - Managing Virtual Teams.pdf


♦ October 2017: How to pass the PMP Certification Test - Led by Don Turnder

October 2017_How to Pass the PMP.pdf

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♦ September 2017: PMBOK 6th Edition What's New and What's Not - Presented by Don Turner

September 2017_PMBOK 6th Edition.pdf


♦ August 2017: Personal Kanban - presented by Phillip George, PMISWMO VP of Finance

August 2017: Personal Kanban.pdf


♦ JULY 2017: Procurement contracts - presented by kara daniel and kim hopkins-will

July 2017_Procurement Contracts


♦ June 2017: Soft Skills and How to Use Them - presented by Kathy Martin



♦ May 2017: Project Quality Meeting Quality Requirements - presented by John Waldo (MBA and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)





♦ April 2017: Project Search and Rescue - presented by Melba Throne



♦ March 2017: Project Management Improvement and Accountability Act - presented by Samvad Bhagat



♦ February 2017: Project Information Security - presented by Tony Cooley



♦ January 2017: Leadership Traits - presented by Donald Turner


♦ July 2014: Effective Public Speaking

In July 2014, Wally Long of Created to Communicate spoke to us about keys to effective public speaking. View Wally's presentation notes (.docx).